Henry County Ohio SKYWARN

ABOUT US:  We at Henry County Ohio SKYWARN are a group of weather enthusiasts committed to offering our assistance to the Emergency Response community; by offering our weather expertese and our timely observations we alleviate the need for the police and fire departments to watch the sky in a severe weather situation and focus on their own duties.  Many of us are amateur radio operators, most of us are tech savvy, but we are all interested in severe weather...


Henry County Ohio SKYWARN coordinator:

Keith Hosman, KC8TCQ  (kc8tcq@gmail.com)

Henry County OHIO SKYWARN assistant coordinator:

Mark Moreno, KD8SBU  (kd8sbu@yahoo.com)

Henry County Ohio SKYWARN Tech Consultant / Webmaster

Ben Jones, KD8REV  (kd8rev@kd8rev.net)

Henry County Sheriff's Office:

For emergencies dial 911!!!

For non-emergency or out-of-county calls dial419-592-8010

City of Napoleon Police Department:

For emergencies dial 911!!!

For non-emergency or out-of-city calls dial 419-599-2810

Henry County Emergency Management Agency:

Tracy Busch, Director

Phone: 419-592-4876

Fax: 419-592-4016

Cell: 419-980-1105

Email: ema@henrycountyohio.com

National Weather Service, Northern Indiana Office

Michael Lewis, WCM


Indiana, Michican and Ohio SKYWARN:


Henry County Amateur Radio Club:

Primary repeater:  K8TII 147.315+MHz

Secondary repeater: N8RLD 145.410-MHz

Tertiary repeater: K8TII-2 147.225+MHz

Henry County SKYWARN BBS:

Direct Dial: 419-613-7022 (Liberty Center LBX)

Telnet: kd8rev.net (Also SSH!)

AX.25 Packet:  kd8rev-2 on either 145.010 or 147.315+MHz



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